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The History of the San Dune Inn
The San Dune Inn was originally the Officers quarters at Fort Rilea in Warrenton. It was moved here just after WWII.  The building has undergone many changes since, and now it stands to serve vacationers and tourists as beautiful housing during their stay here in Manzanita.
While Here in Manzanita
Kids love to spend hours digging, damming, diverting streams, creating lakes and floating things, moving rocks, breaking dams and watching the results, building new channels, creating castles with moats … you get the drift. 
Sometimes this takes parents to show kids how this works, but once they get the idea they want to take over and build. 
Kids are busy with little parent participation! Sometimes for hours! 
Terrific for little ones, but I’ve even seen returning kids now in their teenage years grab adult sized shovels and go to work. With really BIG dams. As a side note, bring boots and rain gear if the weather is inclement. Kids love to dig away on misty days without a care for the rain.
Beautiful Beaches
Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler are three villages located on the Pacific Ocean, Nehalem River and Nehalem Bay on the North Oregon Coast. The Nehalem Bay Area is 40 miles south of Astoria and 60 miles north of Lincoln City on Highway 101. 
Manzanita is a beautiful oceanside city with seven miles of sandy beach. Enjoy the spectacular walks by the ocean. Manzanita possesses the third most photographed scenery in Oregon. 
Nehalem is a picturesque riverside town with a quaint downtown reflecting its century of history. Enjoy views of the Nehalem River, nearby mountains, forests and wildlife, the centerpiece of the Nehalem Bay Area experience. 
Wheeler is nestled in the hills overlooking the beautiful Nehalem Bay, Neahkanie Mountain, and the Pacific Ocean, Wheeler boasts breathtaking sunsets and rainbows.
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Manzanita Visitors Center, 31 Laneda Avenue

Here at the Manzanita Visitors Center, we have a volunteer staff that loves to share their knowledge and insights about our area.

Whether your are looking for place to grab a cup of chowder, answers on area history, or hoping to find a great hiking trail, they have all the answers to your questions.

Even if you don’t have any questions, stop by and meet one of our volunteers. They are friendly, helpful and love to chat.
The leap of faith, love, and adventure we took became Yoga Roots in August 2014. Our studio is located in the heart of Manzanita on the 2nd floor of Howells Plaza. Come practice your yoga in this warm and comfortable space with the support of our teachers and fellow yogis.

We Offer Complimentary Passes on Yoga Sessions!
Hood to Coast Healthcare provides progressive medical care in diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and conditions. Additional preventative services include nutritional counseling, life coaching and massage therapy. Our primary care doctors strive to optimize each patient’s overall health and well-being utilizing years of first-hand knowledge, extensive training, and the most effective treatment methods currently available.

Health - Physical. Emotional. Mental.
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