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-Haystack Rock-

Known as one of Oregon most popular landmarks on one of its beaches, stand the iconic Haystack Rock. The outcrop is located on the beautiful cannon beach, and attracts thousands each year. 
haystack rock


Haystack rock is one of the most recognizable and best known of Oregon's landmarks. The beach is a popular tourist attraction. People love the sandy beach and the unique basalt rock formations. The area has tons of awesome wildlife;

The beach has hundreds of little shallow tide pools. When the tide is low you can walk out to the pools and see tons of little wild life. In these pools you can find brightly colored sea stars, chitons, anemones, jellyfish, limpets, crabs and small fish. Be careful when walking around tide pools, most of the creatures are very sensitive and delicate. 

One of peoples favorite animals to spot is the Tufted Puffin.  The Tufted Puffin is a small sea bird with black feathers, and a white band of feathers around its eyes. It is known for its thick yellow bill and yellow tufts. 


Murres are also a local sea bird that loves on the coast. These birds are black and white sea birds that prey on mostly fish. Another sea bird is the Brown Pelicans who fly along the coast.

Due to their ability to adapt to the weather and temperature, Bald Eagles can also be spotted on this coast. The Eagles love the area for preying on fish, other small birds, rabbits and other smaller mammals.  

Grey Whales migrate along the Oregon coast twice a year. The first is from mid December to the end of January, and the second late February to the end of May. See the 30 ton mammals as they migrate up and down the coast in a must see event.

Along the shore you can often find sun bathing Seals & Sea Lions. They love basking in the warm sun and playing in the shallow water. You can often spot California Sea Lions, Steller Sea Lions, Harbor Seals and sometimes Elephant Seals. Come enjoy the sun, waves, and wildlife at Haystack rock.