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Yolk is known nation wide for its fine dining. They offer breakfast and egg themed dishes that go above and beyond. Enjoy only the best, all served with local ingredients to make it the freshest it can be.
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Yolk serves one of the best breakfasts around. They serve: the Country Scramble a three egg scramble with bacon, spinach, caramelized onions, and sharp cheddar. Served with choice of fresh dressed greens or sauteed potatoes, and buttermilk biscuit or housemate oat-molasses toast.

The Baja Scramble a three egg scramble with chorizo, onion, tomato, cilantro and avocado, topped with sour cream & salsa. Served with choice of fresh dressed greens or sauteed potatoes, and buttermilk biscuit or house made oat-molasses toast.

They Cheesy Shrimp n' Grits has grits with sharp cheddar, and topped with three large shrimp sauteed in garlic and bacon bits, seasoned steamed greens, andouille sausage and two poached eggs. 

The popular French Custard Toast is one, two, or three pieces of brioche soaked long, grilled slow for a custard center, dusted with powdered sugar. For condiments you can chose between the syrup or raspberry jam. 

For lunch their popular dishes include: the Lamb Burgera 6 oz. handmade patty with grilled onions, garlic, feta and house-made dill-mint aioli. served with vinaigrette dressed salad greens or waffle fry. 

The Reuben sandwich with house-made corned beef, topped with sauerkraut, provolone and house-made thousand island dressing grilled on dark rye. Served with choice of fresh dressed greens or a cheesy waffle fry. With all these amazing dishes its easy to see why people love this place so much. To see more of their menu see their website. 

Yolk's awesome 5 star reviews: 
"We just ordered a delicious take out breakfast from the Yolk! Food can be ordered online or you can call it in. It was ready and perfect, at exactly the time we wanted to pick it up. We had the scrumptious French Toast and the scramble with avocado and Gorgonzola cheese."

- Lisa P. -Yelp
" The server was nice and the patio is surrounded by a garden, so it's very pleasant to eat outside here. The breakfast was amazing! I had a brioche French toast that was magically crispy on the outside, and like a fluffy custard inside. I had a side order of fennel sausage patties, that were house made and fresh-tasting."
- Jessica S. - Yelp
"This is an absolutely amazing find. The food was off the scale good and the service equaled it. We had a Baja scramble and also Cajun rock fish hash which was cooked to perfection. I cannot say enough good things about this restaurant in the beautiful little seaside town of Manzanita."
-Jonathan B. - Yelp